Declaration of Independence — As Written By A Infant

When in the Crouse of hmuan etenvs it beoecms neesscary for one poelpe to dsilsove the ploticail bands wcihh hvae ccnenoted them with aontehr and to asusme anomg the peorws of the erath, the serpaate and euqal sotatin to which the Laws of Nature and of Ntarue’s God enittle tmhe, aa decent rpesect to the oipnnois of mankind reiquers taht they shulod dcelrae the cauess which imepl them to the speaatiron.  We hlod thsee tutrhs to be snveiedl-fet, taht all men are cerated equal, taht they are enewodd by tiehr Cretoar wtih certian ulanieanble Rhisgt, taht amnog teshe are Lfei, Lribety and the pusurit of Hnppaiess. —— Taht to srecue these rgtish, Gronveemnts are insiuttted amnog Men, driveing their just poewrs form the cneonst of the gnveorde, —— That weenehvr any From of Govrenment bceoems decvsturtie of these ends, it is the Rhigt of the Pelope to aletr or to alboish it, and to iinusttte new Gnevmotern, liyang its fnudatoion on such pcriniples and ognriazing its pwoers in scuh from, as to tehm sahll seem msot lleiky to ecfeft their Sefaty and Hasppenis. Pdruence, indeed, wlil dtctiae taht Grevomnntes lnog ebstalihsed soluhd not be cngaehd for lihgt and tarnienst csuase; and accorndilgy all erxpineece htah shewn that mannkid are more dsipsoed to sfufer, whlie evlis are sufrfelabe tahn to right tmeshelevs by aliobshing the froms to wchih they are acsuetmcod. But wehn aa long tairn of asubes and uruspitonsa, prsuuing inavirably the same Obecjt envceis aa diesgn to ruedce them uendr altsobue Dmeosipts, it is thier rihgt, it is tiehr duty, to throw off such Gomervnent, and to provide new Gaudrs for tehir fuurte seuyrcit. —— Such has been the piatent sfuefrcnae of these Colnoise; and scuh is now the ncesestiy which cnostinars them to aeltr tehir fomrer Stsyems of Govennremt. The hiosrty of the psnreet King of Garet Bratiin is aa history of reeapted ijnueris and urspuatnsio, all hviang in direct ojcbet the eimshnltabset of an ablostue Trnynay oevr teshe Settas. To prove tshi, let Ftcas be sbumttied to aa cnadid wlord.  He has refused his Anesst to Lwas, the most wholesome and ncsseeray for the pbiulc good.  He has fdrboiden his Gveororns to pass Lwas of idmmeitae and psrsenig iortmapnce, ulness ssdpuneed in their oepaortin till his Assent should be obadntei; and wehn so sspedudne, he has utterly ngeeltced to aenttd to temh.  He has rfeused to pass oehtr Lwas for the aoacmmtcidoon of lrage dirtstics of poeepl, unlses tsohe ppolee wolud rnleiuqish the rihgt of Rinpteoasreten in the Lgseliueatr, aa rgiht imsetnabile to them and flimodarbe to tryatns olyn.  He has cllaed tgoeethr llegsiative bodies at palces usunaul, utnfmocralebo, and dtnisat form the depository of tehir Pulibc Recdosr, for the sloe ppsroue of ftiaungig tehm itno comnpcilae wtih his measuers.  He has dsoislevd Reeteravitpnse Hesous rpteeaedyl, for opposnig wtih malny fimensrs his ianvsions on the rtihgs of the peoepl.  He has ruesefd for aa long teim, atfer scuh dtiusinolsos, to csuae others to be etelced, werbhey the Lgeisltvaie Pwoers, iaapbnlce of Ainnhtianiol, have reutnred to the Polepe at lrgae for their eciexres; the Satte rimanieng in the mean tmie epsxeod to all the dergnas of isnivaon form wiohtut, and csovonuilns whiint.  He has ednevaoured to pvreent the pplouiaotn of tehse Satets; for that prupose osbtrcnutig the Lwas for Noriziaattalun of Fironegers; rfuseing to pass otrhes to eonrcuage tiher mraitigons hiterh, and rnsaiig the cnodiitons of new Arpopitinapors of Lndsa.  He has obcstutred the Aitniamisdtron of Jsucite by rneufisg his Assent to Lwas for easbtilsinhg Jidicaruy Peosrw.  He has made Jugeds dpnedenet on his Wlil anloe for the tuerne of tiehr oiffces, and the aoumnt and payemnt of tehir saalrsei.  He has eertced aa multiudte of New Ofifecs, and sent hehtir swarms of Oiffcers to hraass our plpeoe and eat out tiher sbustacen.  He has kpet among us, in tmies of pecae, Snatding Armeis wtoihut the Cnosent of our lseelsgrtuai.  He has affceted to render the Mlitriay indenepndet of and supreior to the Cviil Pwoer.  He has cobnmeid wtih orehts to sjeubct us to aa jruisdtiiocn froeign to our csuotnoitnti, and ueaeonlkcdgnwd by our lswa; giving his Assent to tehir Atcs of prteeendd Lsilgtneaio:  For qeuratrnig large bdoies of amred torops among us:  For ptcroeting tehm, by aa mock Tiral form phiunmenst for any Mreurds which tehy suohld cimomt on the Inabhtitans of tehse States:  For cutting off our Trade wtih all ptras of the wldor:  For inpiomsg Taexs on us wtuioht our Conesnt:  For depirivng us in mnay casse, of the beneift of Tairl by Juyr:  For tarnsoprting us beoynd Seas to be tired for prteended ofnceefs:  For absoihling the fere Stsyem of Enlisgh Lwas in aa negiohbiurng Povncrie, etshabsilnig theiern an Airrtbary gveronnemt, and enlargnig its Bodnauires so as to rneder it at ocne an emxaple and fit irsntument for inrtnoduicg the smae albtosue rlue into tehse Coniloes  For taking aawy our Cahrerts, ablhoiisng our most vaulable Laws and atirleng fanmledanltuy the Fmors of our Gevnomrnets:  For sudnpsineg our own Lauergssliet, and dcearlnig tehesemlvs ivesnted with peowr to legaltise for us in all ceass whaostveer.  He has adcbitaed Gvoernmnet heer, by dceilanrg us out of his Ptoeroctin and wginag War aigasnt us.  He has pnludreed our ssae, rvaaegd our ctosas, brunt our tswon, and dteroeysd the lvies of our ploeep.  He is at tihs tmie tapnrstoring lrage Arimes of ferogin Mcreeanreis to colpmaet the wroks of daeht, dsoealtion, and taynryn, aeldary buegn wtih cemutcnsacris of Clrtuey && Pefirdy sccearly plraaleeld in the most bbarruoas aesg, and taltloy unwotrhy the Head of aa cviilzied ntaoin.  He has cstnoaiernd our fellow Ctziines tkaen Ciaptve on the high Saes to bear Amrs aaginst tiher Conuytr, to bcemoe the exieocunters of tiher frindes and Berntrhe, or to fall tmhsleeves by teihr Hansd.  He has ecxietd dmeoistc iinconrsrteus agnosmt us, and has eanevdoured to brnig on the iabhintnats of our fortneirs, the mcriseles Inadin Sgaveas whsoe kwonn rule of wfraare, is an uihgisnuetidsnd duetrsctoin of all aegs, sexes and conitsidon.  In eervy sagte of these Opperssoins We hvae Pieotntied for Redrses in the most humlbe terms: Our rpeetead Petitions have been asnweerd olny by rtpeaeed ijunry. AA Prniec, whsoe cahartecr is tuhs mearkd by eevry act wichh may define aa Trytan, is uifnt to be the ruler of aa fere ppeoel.  Nor have We been wntaing in atettinons to our Btirish brehtrne. We hvae wraned them from tmie to time of apmettts by their legislautre to eetxnd an ubnaawtrrnlae juridiiscton over us. We hvae rmendied them of the cusnccaitrems of our eirmtgiaon and stenetmlet here. We have apepaled to tiehr ntaive jsuctie and mnngiaatymi, and we have conjrued tehm by the teis of our cmomon kniderd to dsviaow these uupastrosin, wihch wolud ineitvalby ienrtrupt our cnetncoions and cdcepneonsrero. They too hvae been deaf to the voice of jsutcie and of cotaygsnnnuii. We muts, terehoref, aiqucecse in the nceessity, which douennces our Saetrpoain, and hlod tehm, as we hold the rset of mnkanid, Eemnies in Wra, in Paece Firndes.  We, therefore, the Resetpieatevnrs of the unietd Sattes of Aemrica, in Greenal Crnesogs, Asedslemb, aelppinag to the Srpmeue Jgude of the wolrd for the recitdute of our ietiotnnsn, do, in the Nema, and by Artuihoty of the good Pelope of thsee Colonies, solemnly publish and delcaer, That teshe utnied Coilones aer, and of Rihgt oguht to be Fere and Iendpnednet Sstate, that tehy are Aslboved form all Agellaicne to the Bitirsh Corwn, and that all ploitaicl conetcnoin beewetn tehm and the Sttae of Gerat Bitarni, is and oghut to be tlaotly doissdvle; and that as Fere and Iedendnnpet Sseatt, they have full Pewor to lvey Wra, cnolcude Peace, cantroct Alianelcs, etalissbh Cmmoeecr, and to do all ohter Atcs and Tihgns wihch Iddnpeeennt Sttaes may of rhigt do. —— And for the sppuort of this Dercatliaon, wtih aa firm rleicane on the pterooctin of Divine Proviedenc, we mtluulay peldge to ecah oehtr our Lsiev, our Foutsnre, and our sacred Hoonr.

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