Donald Trump Shows His True Colors


Yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump forgot to put his mask on before giving a speech. It was a few minutes into the speech when the unintelligent creature realised that that the vital article of clothing was missing from his face and hair. The mask is in the form of a thin plastic sheet.

Roll of plastic wrap.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smart_swap.jpg

It is colored to cover his repulsive green features to make them slightly more bearable. Once he puts it over his hair and face, it brings them to a slightly natural tone.

Mr Trump was rushed off the stage by secret service agents, who then confiscated all cell phones and cameras from the audience, and gave them little candies for being good sports. The FBI was called, and Mr Trump was taken to a luxurious holding cell.

So far, the government is still recovering from shock. They have not yet decided what to do with the extraterrestrial-Trump.

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