Trump Names New National Park

Photo: The proposed location for Mountain Dew National Park

NEW YORK CITY, NY- President-Elect Donald Trump has finally decided on the first thing that he will do as the new President. Announcing it on Twitter yesterday, Donald Trump plans to make a new national park.


Later, Trump gave more information about the Tweet. Here are his words:




Donald Trump only managed to get out that he was naming it after the soft drink. But, being Trump, he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He called a press conference the next day and we learned more about the park. Below is part of the transcript of the conference.

Reporter: So, Mr Trump. Do you know that Mountain Dew is the name of a soft drink?

Trump: What?

Reporter: Do you know that you are naming a park after a soda?

Trump: [Stumbles] Umm… Yes? No?

Reporter: This could cause some legal issues with patents, Mr Trump.

Trump: Then I’ll buy the company.

Reporter: You’ll buy PepsiCo?

Trump: [Curtly] Well,
Dew is one of my favorite [Uncertainly] Places?

Reporter: Things.

Trump: The conference is over. Please go.

PepsiCo has declined to comment on the issue.

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