Deciphering Your Child’s Report Card

Report cards can be worded in complicated ways, and most times you have no idea what they say and what grade your child received. We spent many weeks looking at children’s report cards, and we finally came up with this translation.

Activity As Written On Report Card The King’s English
Digital Media Analysis Watched The Office in Class for no reason
Advanced Exercise Unit Teacher brought the kids out to the playground for extra recess
Introduction to the ReBAC Curriculum ReBAC: Read Books All Class
Technology Orientation Let the kids play video games on the school laptops
Physical Movement Studies The teacher rolled out the TV and watched football
Social Orientation Teacher read book while class just sat around and talked
Phone Management Skills Teacher taught class how to guess the password of their parents’ phones
Walking Field Trip Walked down to the corner store to get some chips
Advanced Language Skills Teacher started cussing while trying to fix the printer

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