5 New York Walks That Will Make You Cry

1. The Greenpoint Walk

This 37 minute walk down Greenpoint Avenue to the First Calvary Cemetery where your aunt was buried is ideal for expressing your emotions. The idea is to eat a tasty meal of cow tongue and liver at the 4.3 star Five Leaves restaurant  in the charming Greenpoint neighbourhood.

2. The LEGO Store Walk

This brisk 18 minute walk is a nice opportunity to cheer up your miserable children by purchasing them LEGOs after their cat dies. You always thought that it would be a bad idea to get a 16 year old cat instead of a nice kitten. This walk takes you through a breathtaking Manhattan neighbourhood from the 23rd Street Bust Stop. It takes you past multiple restaurants, and the LEGO Store, ending at the All City Pet Crematory.

3. The Broadway Walk

This 52 minute walk is an enjoyable walk to the 137 St City College. It is ideal for self-centred  young adults on their way to classes. It is the only walk under one hour in New York City that passes over 100 homeless people. This walk is guaranteed to bring the walker to tears within the first half-hour. 

4. The Treatment Plant Walk

This multi-hour walk from Times Square in New York City to the Portchester Treatment Plant is a perfect walk for those who would like to spend eight hours and 45 minutes walking along a bleak highway. All the time that the person is walking, they think of what an idiot they were to take it on. When they finally complete it, they are met by the welcoming sight of a New York sewer treatment plant. So. Still for it?

5. The Artistic Walk

This 0.6 mile walk from The Museum of Modern Art to a Violin school. Walkers can see puzzle over the modern “art” that you could never get the hang of. The walker can then walk 13 minutes to hear “music” and then (optional) to the bus stop. They can then take the bus to the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital.

Optional Walk to the Manhattan Eye Ear and Throat Hospital

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