Award-Winning Novel Penned by Auto-Complete

Photo: Tim Cook poses with the author

CUPERTINO, CA- Recently, the new book Fully Charged by iPad Air was released as Apple’s first “Paper Book. The book was completely written by the Auto-Complete feature on the new tablet. On October 7th, when a teary Tom Cook announced that Auto-Complete had written an entire novel, and a bestselling one too, no body believed him. Due to a glitch in the machine’s operating system, the iPad continuously spammed the center button in the Auto-Complete bar, 2 times per second,

Apple Paper Books Logo
The Apple Paper Books Logo

for 12 days. This resulted in a 2,073,600 word novel. “This whopping number of pages fared well with the folks at The New York Times,” says Phillip Schiller, the marketing chief at Apple. Even though over 2 million words is quite a lot, the book has sold millions of copies, and Apple is thrilled. “It
has great possibles,” says a member of

The iBookstores Logo

Apples marketing department. Apple is planning to branch out from computers and technology. “Good, old fashioned books. Of course,
they will  be available on the iBooks app,” says Tim Cook. Apple’s new line is called Apple Paper Books. They will write and sell books online and on devices, but as well as in paper copies in new stores called Apple iBookstores.

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